A business's most important component is their people. Empower your teams, discover who they are and observe what they can achieve.


People are the life blood of an organisation. Our tailored programs are designed to facilitate discovery, nurture growth to transform individuals and groups into high functioning solution focused people and teams. We foster engagement, and open communication channels to promote empowerment, develop opportunity awareness while fostering an supporting leadership capability and potential. 


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Public Speaking

Denis Belliveau our director is a very engaging and inspiring speaker.

Denis has a great story in relation to his entrepreneurial journey. He is fascinated on how the power of positive mindset and thought patterns transform performance in people, safety and organisational culture.

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Guiding Principles - Mission, Vision, Values and Philosophy

DiscoveryDP understand the importance for an organisation to identify its Mission, Vision, Values and Philosophy. Your guiding principles underpin and support your belief systems, drive internal and external behaviours which promotes the actions that ultimately determine your future.

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Leadership Discovery and Development

The ultimate task for any leader is to provide a sense of belonging and achievement to those in which they have the opportunity to lead. 

We pride ourselves with our ability to align and work collaboratively with leaders and aspiring leaders in all industries. We provide support, inspiration and guidance to foster personal and professional growth.

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people emerging leadership


We recognise the importance of identifying and developing future leaders. Our programs are designed to discover, nurture, develop and foster leadership skills and capabilities.

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Team Engagement Program

Our Engagement programs are designed to promote interaction and engagement with your people and teams. By encouraging participation we facilitate and promote constructive conversations which facilitate dialogue.

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Individual and Team Growth Programs

Our Growth programs are designed to assist development, promote and discover the benefits associated with a growth mindset.

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Discovery partnerships

Strategic Development Partnerships

Through partnerships we do our most effective work and have the most impact. We embed ourselves in businesses to better understand an organisation and develop strategies to support development, growth and transformation.

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Discover your people, develop their potential and watch your business and community grow. 


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 "I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers."  

Ralph Nader