Culture impacts every aspect of your business;
it defines the personality of the organisation both internally and externally.


Culture is the foundation that underpins and supports an organisation's belief system. Company culture will influence how people do business, how they interact and behave within and outside the organisation. Our cultural development programs are tailored to each organisations needs to develop and support a healthy organisation culture. 

Healthy culture promotes engagement. Engaged employees are happier, more productive, safer, they are more likely to enjoy their time in the workplace and as a result lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. Culture is intangible it cannot be seen however it is felt, it presents itself in beliefs, attitudes, actions and ultimately in behaviours which determine results and outcomes.



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Productivity and Employee Retention

Companies with a healthy culture are 20% more productive. Higher retention rates – Companies with healthy culture retain their people, they have a 40% lower employee turnover and 50% less absence days. The cost of replacing an employee is between 90% to 200% of the employee’s annual salary.

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Increased revenue and profitability

Companies with strong culture and engaged employees experienced an increase of revenue of 20% and higher operating profitStudies indicate that companies with strong employee engagement have experienced a 250% increase in revenue over a 7-year period.

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Increased performance and wellbeing

Heathy culture creates happier employees who experience greater employee satisfaction, they are healthier, more productive and outperform their competition by 20%.

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Higher levels of engagement between management and employees

Recent Gallup studies indicate that Australian workplaces are amongst the worst in the world when it comes to employee engagement and satisfaction. The cost associated of disengaged employees is a staggering 34% of that employee’s annual salary.

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Increased ability to onboard the best people

Businesses with strong organisational culture increase their ability to hire the right people by 55%

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Increased Safety Performance

Companies with healthy culture have less workplace incidents and accidents – Companies with thriving company culture and high employee engagement have up to 70% less safety incidents.



Discovery DP’s cultural programs are designed to give life to organisational Mission, Vision and Values. We actively foster C.A.R.E, inclusion, engagement and empowerment so our partners can achieve more.


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"Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy."

Howard Stevenson