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Denis Belliveau


Denis migrated to Perth, in Western Australia, from Canada in the mid 90’s. He managed to turn his passion for adventure, people, nature and rock climbing into a career and a legacy. Through a series of fortunate and unfortunate incidents, encounters, challenges, sacrifices, and hard work Denis quickly worked his way up in the Industrial Rope Access industry. After many years working around the globe on often high-risk projects with challenging situations Denis embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that changed an industry and many lives along with it.

Denis co-founded what became Australia’s largest Industrial Rope Access company. The journey began with an unrelenting belief that things could be done better and more efficiently than what the industry and workforce had become accustomed to. The company was built through believing in people and having strong core values, which quickly created a healthy thriving organisation.

This belief created a movement and cultivated an industry leading company culture which transformed groups of individuals in to ultra-high performing teams who successfully delivered and safely executed high profile, technically challenging high-risk projects carried out in Australia. Along with the success, there were some significant tests and confronting challenges which provided some valuable lessons and confirmed the resolve of those involved. 

Since then, Denis has sold his company and has embarked on a journey of self-discovery, growth and transformation, sharing the lessons learned from his experiences and inspiring others to do the same. Through his passion Discovery Development Partners was created which focuses on supporting progressive organisations to achieve more through partnership and transformation.


Skills: Leadership, Values development, People Potential, Positive Mindset, Positive Culture, Transformational Safety, Public Speaking, Coaching and Consulting

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Emily May

Discovery DP Psychologist Partner

Emily May is a Registered Psychologist and owner of Fostering Hope Psychology, with almost 10 years experience in the field.  Emily combines the latest developments in neuroscience and positive psychology and applies them to both performance psychology and mental health. Emily has completed national and international training in mindfulness based techniques, neuroscience, narrative therapy and positive psychology; and has facilitated workshops, seminars and conference presentations.

Fostering Hope Psychology is a boutique mental health and performance psychology service that provides tailored psychological services to individuals, teams and organisations. The mission of Fostering Hope Psychology is to empower individuals and groups to optimise their performance and honour their mental health.

Fostering Hope Psychology is built on the values of courage, compassion, authenticity and connection, which permeate all facets of organisational culture and service delivery. The intention is to not only provide psychological services that foster meaningful and lasting change, but to do so in a way that reflects it’s core values.


Skills: Psychologist, Mindset, Self Leadership, Behavioural and Transformational Safety, Growth & Development


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